An innovative way to count on your change

A simple, secure method to handle change

No more clutter in your pockets or purse

Retailers across the country are using iKoynz™



Easily save your change

Instead of stashing coins, you can now turn them into a redeemable value.


Get discounts for using iKoynz™

iKoynz™ retailers offer discounts when you use iKoynz™.


No more jingling pockets & purses

Stop losing your change; save it electronically.


Make change worth more

You now have a way to accumulate loose change into substantial amounts.

Your new electronic piggybank.

iKoynz™ is a smartphone app allowing users to convert change (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars) received from a retail purchase into an accumulating account later redeemable for goods and services.

iKoynz provides the easiest and most convenient way to save and accumulate spare change. You can buy your favorite drink at the convenience store or let your iKoynz ™ account grow and purchase the big screen TV you have always wanted. With iKoynz ™, the choice is yours!

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