It's time for change!

iKoynz™ is a mobile app allowing users to convert and save their change (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars) into electronically stored value, redeemable at participating retailers for goods and services.

For example, iKoynz™ users purchase food or a drink at a participating retailer, but instead of receiving the change, users ask to "Koynz" it. The users scans their smartphone at the retailer’s point of sale, and the change due is credited to their iKoynz™ account. Presto! No more jingling pockets or searching for coins at the bottom of your purse.

iKoynz™ eliminates the jingle in your pockets, purse and clutter in your car’s console by providing an easy and convenient method to accumulate your spare change.  Whenever you are ready, you can spend the aggregate amount of your iKoynz™ at a value potentially greater-than its face value.


$16.6 billion is the total value of coins in circulation today.

Currently, there are 200 MILLION U.S. Smartphone users.

In addition, there are:


How It Works:

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Join the iKoynz community and sign up for a new account.


Apply your pocket change to your iKoynz card, and let it accumulate.


Redeem your iKoynz card at participating retail locations!

Meet The Founders


Jake Allison — President, Founder

B.S. in Agriculture Sciences & Natural Resources, Agribusiness, Economics
Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK), 2015
Juris Doctorate Candidate, Texas A&M School of Law (Ft. Worth, TX)
Expected Graduation 2018

Areas of Interest

  • Economics
  • Solve current market problems
  • Organize and operate start-up business ventures
  • Equity and capital markets
  • Intellectual property law

Wayne Allison — Chief Executive Officer

B.S. in Computer Science Engineering & Behavioral Psychology,
University of Texas Arlington, 1983
Masters in Managerial Economics, University of Oklahoma, 2000
Juris Doctorate, Summa Cum Laude,
Oklahoma City University School of Law, 2007

The Internet Business Primer, (Sourcebooks, 1995)
Health Care Fraud, (Law Guru, 2010)

Areas of Interest

  • Whistleblowers, government fraud, medicare / medicaid fraud, qui tam
  • Healthcare advocacy, compliance, litigation
  • Corporate, startup, equity / capital formation
  • Corporate governance, & employer / employee rights
  • Software & technology
  • Product liability, personal injury & wrongful death