Why do so many people use iKoynz™?

iKoynz is a mobile-app-based system that converts change from retail transactions into value that is later redeemable for other purchases.

iKoynz™ users enjoy the benefits of having a simple, secure method of not only eliminating the often-clumsy method of handling change from retail cash purchases, but they also get a built-in electronic piggy bank for their accumulated change.


Stop searching for change in ash trays, seat cushions, and on floors.

iKoynz takes your change at the time it is generated -- at a retail sales transaction -- and converts it to “iKoynz.” Just like tossing change into a coin jar or piggy bank, an iKoynz user’s account grows each time a user “Koynz” their change. The sum total amount of a user’s iKoynz can then be redeemed to purchase other goods and services from iKoynz retailers, either in a store or online, often at a discount!

Why iKoynz™ now?

There is nothing new about people tossing coins into an ash tray, their purse, or loosing them in sofa cushions.

There is nothing new about retailers wanting to get access to payment sources such as debit accounts and credit cards; nothing new about retailers wanting to generate customer loyalty; and nothing new about retailers wanting to know more about their customers.

What is new, is the fact that about 200 million people in the U.S. have a smartphone connected to a wireless network that can support new and novel ways of doing things.


The time for iKoynz™ is now.